Training & Workshops

Kathleen offers workshops to small and large groups to help people who seek to increase their productivity at work, or manage their time better at home. Kathleen will empower audiences with an unparalleled blend of optimism, encouragement and organizing truths.

Organizing Options Filing and Sorting

This seminar will help you live more productively at home and at work. If you’d like to learn practical ways for creating a maintainable filing system and develop more efficient and effective work habits, this seminar is for you. Whether you work in a corporate environment, in a home office, or in a space designated for tracking personal and family papers, the methods and tools discussed in this workshop will increase your ability to get more work accomplished in less time.

Organizing Options Managing Yourself in Time

Unfortunately, time truly can’t be stopped. However, there is good news.…we can learn how to manage ourselves better in time. At this seminar, you will examine personal goals, choices and time constraints. Practical suggestions will be made in response to defined goals and life plans. You will learn valuable ways to establish a flexible and balanced schedule, leaving more time for new pursuits and favourite activities.

Organizing Options Decluttering and Organizing

This seminar is for you if you want to get organized and learn from an expert Clutter-Buster on the preparation, approach and process of decluttering. You’ll learn practical, and easy ways to set up organizing systems that can work for you and your ways of living and working. Common problems and tips for common challenging areas of the home will be discussed. Kathleen can also be contacted as a keynote speaker for events.

Training & Workshops 


“It has been a fantastic learning experience working with Kathleen to discover the many ways in which I can best organize my space – to relax, and live! Kathleen works at your pace and takes the time to ensure you properly understand and adopt great organizing methods that suit your life.”

~ B. Florence, Montreal


Seminars can be customized to meet the specific needs and size of each audience. Contact us for more information. Ask us about customized seminars, or book a seminar as your next fundraiser, or add a series to your community centre.