Tips for Organizing your Bathroom Cabinet

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Tips for Organizing your Bathroom Cabinet


Organizing your bathroom cabinet. Do you toss or throw your stuff in the cabinet under the bathroom sink? Hoping to find it later, with no spills?

I suggest you keep only what you use in your bathroom cabinet. For decluttering, that means getting rid of duplicates, or storing them elsewhere..shampoos, soap,…

And definitely ask yourself how long it’ll take you to use the three bottles of nail polish remover, old cologne…or 4 bottles of make-up remover…this is common, as we often buy things on sale and/or keep all our gifts, and it piles up with time.

For good organization, containers are great. In this photos you’ll see I use two bags to contain my stuff, and have kept just one of a kind of certain items, not multiples that would crowd the space…

Storing the stuff that you actually use, strategically placed, makes finding things easier.. and at a glance you can grab what you need..