Tips to Prevent Losing your Stuff

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Tips to Prevent Losing your Stuff


When we are dashing from one place to another, one house, one car…we are apt to misplace stuff. So I am reposting these tips to help prevent losing your stuff. Hope this helps you, your friends, and family to “keep their stuff together” always. I wrote it with people I know in mind!

Where to Put my Stuff?

Regarding tips to prevent losing your stuff, ideally you’d have a place for everything in your home….try to keep things in the same place….room by room….surface by surface

Check your purse or bag and pack it in advance of going out (not last minute)….be sure to have everything you need….and leave the rest

Place your keys and bus pass in the same place…like in a dish on a hall table….easy to find & grab before going out

Put your eye glasses in a glass case and in the same place when not in use….like on a bureau…easy to find

Coat pockets can be a dangerous place to keep money, cards, a bus pass and cell phone….so easy to fall out….best kept in a purse or bag

Keep your wallet organized to hold your bank cards and cash…and make sure it isn’t overstuffed….a risk for things to fall out

Do not use grocery bags to hold your wallet and stuff instead of a purse or travel bag….grocery bags can accidentally be left behind much easier….

Cell Phones

Have it in the same place to charge it at home. When at a friend’s place, keep it in your purse, so it won’t be left behind by accident

When out and texting …do not place your cell “temporarily” on a surface….with distractions it can be lifted or forgotten….and lost forever

When out and texting, give yourself an end-time to put the cell back into your purse for safe keeping….


Reposting this “lifesaver” blog post to help more folks keep versus lose their stuff. Hope this helps you, feel free to share on Facebook.

Always call a taxi instead of flagging one on the street and always ask for a receipt. Why? Because if you forgot something you’ll have the contact info needed to call in to report the loss. This gives you a better chance to get your stuff back, let’s you make an official report, and the driver is accountable to the company.

Messaging, use a sticker or printed label with your phone number to put on valuable items, like a digital camera…so if it ever lost & found, you can be called

When Travelling

Don’t put your gloves/hat on your lap. Chances are when you stand up; they’ll fall to the floor

When out and carrying bags… a purse, grocery bags, a carry-all bag…count them regularly to make sure you always have that number

After grocery shopping count your bags; if returning home on public transport….take a seat where you can have the bags on your lap or beside you, and not on the floor where it is too easy to leave behind

When at another house, keep all your stuff in one go-to area… so when you leave… everything will be in one place for pick-up…