Spring Colors – What Suits You Now?

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Spring Colors – What Suits You Now?


While tulip colors always look good and never go out of style, clothes can. But there is a solution for us, and in the spirit of new beginnings, I challenge you to rethink your wardrobe and make-up colors.

It’s like this. As time marches on, we change. Our skin tones, hair color, and even our body shape alters. Perhaps the clothing colors we’re wearing now aren’t working as hard for us as they once did, and they need to be rethought. For example, I used to wear yellow. That was a great color for me 5 years ago, but now that color makes me look a little tired. That is not my personality at all, so out it went!

Now, I’m better suited to darker colors like burgundy, grey, dark red, and black. I just use brighter colors as an accent, such as a coral-color purse or scarf.

To begin to assess what colors look good on you, you’ll need a mirror, courage, an honest friend, some magazines, time to shop, and a make-up artist to advise you on what works for you.

You get the picture. Check out what you like in stores and in latest magazines. Then browse through some clothes with your friend and get her or his honest option on what “works” for you.

Change although sometime scary, can be a real opportunity for rebirth, just like spring! Enjoy the new season and the colors…


Janet Barclay

April 9, 2016at 1:55 pm

I’ve often been told that I look good in royal or cobalt blue. Hopefully as I go grey, I’ll look even better! 🙂

Sarah Soboleski

April 10, 2016at 4:24 pm

My friends tell me I look good in jewel tones so I try to stick to that color family. Out went the pastels!