Caring for your Silver

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Caring for your Silver


I really like the look of silver dinnerware pieces and silver flatware.  And in order to enjoy the beauty of silver, we need to take care of it. But how… and when?

That was my question as I searched the Internet on what are the best practices for silver care. Such as how to polish, safeguard, and maintain the luster of silver pieces. As well as learning of storage solutions to prevent tarnish.

Through my search, the name Hagerty came up often, online and by word of mouth. This company has been in the silver care business since 1895.. I enjoyed their short digital videos on polishing silver, and tarnish prevention viewed on their website:

If you have more time, you might appreciate diving into this website, full of before and after photos, resources, and more…. all about silver:

Seeing how easy it is to “untarnish” silver, just a bit of elbow grease and the right tools, I’m inspired to start polishing and organize a dinner party…with the silver sharing the place of honor with my friends.