How Being Organized Maximizes My Writing Efficiency

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How Being Organized Maximizes My Writing Efficiency


As a visual and deadline-driven person, I typically start projects once I have the delivery date and the image of the finished project.

My professional organizing skills help direct me through whatever job I have or had before me, whether it was when I prepared the Train-the-Trainer manual for the CF-18 Software Engineers at CAE for the integration of the CF-18 aircraft, when I created templates for client-responses to questions directed to customer support, or when creating user guides for end-users. Similar organizing principles apply:

1) Know the audience (beta-testers, clients, developers, end-users)

2) Schedule meetings (SMEs, customer support, software training)

3) Follow system for version control, online and print (key for document sharing and co-authoring)

4) Develop timeline with deliverables (outlines, research, drafts, notes, reporting)

The key to success before starting any writing task is organization. It proves to be a most efficient and smooth way to work.