Christmas Came Early in 2015

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Christmas Came Early in 2015

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Christmas Came Early in 2015 to my home. I did it. It was not in being super organized that I decorated before Halloween was even over…it was because I discovered a store that had a treasure chest of mini Santa suits, and felt mice, just the right size to fit into a tree…and I wanted to capture, I mean buy them before they were discovered and scooped up by all.

Adding to the build up, I bought my first artificial tree, at 60% off, and it is beautiful. Bought, delivered and installed the same October weekend.

All my work, my photos of the tree, I proudly displayed on Facebook, and was so smug that I even had my Christmas gifts ready and wrapped in November. I was so excited each morning when I pressed the remote to light up the tree, and had breakfast with it side by side. I was a child again, only this time I wasn’t eating a bowl of Fruit Loops for my cereal. But the sight of this tree was like candy to me.

But with all this work ahead of time, you’d think it was a happy story. But alas, with just 4 days to December 25th, and I do not have the Christmas spirit yet. Had I only known.

So maybe all the late shoppers and close to the deadline tree-putter-uppers have something on me. Maybe they’ll get the Christmas spirit on account of being elbow to elbow with other Christmas gift shoppers, eager to please friends and family members with just-in-time Christmas gifts.

On a positive note, my Christmas morning has lasted almost 2 months so far. Just need to dust off a few sparkles from the wrapped gifts under the tree. Here is to hoping that the Christmas spirit catches up with me on December 25th, if not before.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.