Getting Ready for Trick or Treat Night

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Getting Ready for Trick or Treat Night


The major event that so many children look forward to….the trick or treat for all that candy, all in one night! I used to love Halloween as a young girl, then with my own child, I sewed costumes for her most every year….that was great fun. This year I helped my mom getting ready for trick or treat night… we spent $____   oh “never mind”, let’s just say it would have provided a nice dinner for two…with wine…trick or treat…red or white…

In preparing the candy for the trick or treaters, like the photo here…we first lay out the candy by categories…chocolate, licorice, and lollipops. Then filled the bowls then the candy bags. In all, we  counted out 140 bags…I felt like I was back in time…like a shop keeper preparing surprise bags for our penny candy store….and the children with their small change..

This year my daughter will greet the little and not-so-little trick or treaters and help hand out the candy…I figure it’ll be like last year….. just as everyone sits down for dinner…the doorbell will ring. But no problem…. such a welcome interruption…little babies showing up in bumblebee costumes, the excited super heroes, delicate princesses and more…so often polite and thankful for their bag of treats…as thankful as we are for seeing these children on their big night!