Stuffed with Stuffies

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Stuffed with Stuffies


Downsizing for my move. I’ve saved the best for second-to-last….personal and childhood memorabilia. Yikes!

1) Children’s handmade outfits…grandmother’s knitted dresses, baby shoes, mom’s sewn dresses, great-grandmother’s smocked dresses..all still well packed, and I intend to keep the selected few pieces for my lifetime like museum pieces, or for my daughter to keep for herself.

2) Stuffed animals. This’ll have to be a mother-daughter decision. While I wouldn’t dream of wrenching away a favourite stuffie from my now adult daughter, I will only store a precious few. So it’ll be a pizza night with donation bags on hand to do the usual, “keep/give away/toss it”. Because I don’t want my new home to be “stuffed with stuffies!”

Stay tuned for the upcoming challenge of handling old photos and diaries…tomorrow.