Kitchen Space and Organization

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Kitchen Space and Organization


Armoires and breakfronts can serve as a storage centre and/or a display case. A great option for kitchen space and organization.

They are an ideal solution for folks with limited kitchen cupboard space, and floor space. Why not go vertical? I’ll explain. 

Armoires and breakfronts are often part of a larger dining room suite that can be found at a sale. If pieces of the set can be sold separately, you might want to nab yourself one to hold your glasses and dishes. Or you could line the inside glass with fabric to “hide” what is behind the doors. I’ve seen them used to hold children’s toys, books, art supplies, home decorations, seasonal dinnerware….the list goes on…

So whether you are seeking to improve your kitchen space and organization and hunting for such an item at a sale, or rethinking at an inherited piece from your family…consider your need for space and organization. And bonus, acquiring an armoire or breakfront is less costly than getting a kitchen renovation!