Bowl of Notes: Task-Cards & Fun-Cards

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Bowl of Notes: Task-Cards & Fun-Cards


If you are like me, you may hang onto old birthday cards, Christmas cards, and notecards, then wonder what to do with them. I used to use the covers of the prettiest cards for bookmarks.

Yet just yesterday I was looking at my recent bunch of Christmas cards, and wondered what creative and practical purpose they could serve. Truly, I have enough bookmarks!

Then, as I was chatting on the phone, I picked up each card, and cut the covers into wide-ish horizontal strips. After my call I thought of general tasks to do around the house – over and above regular housework, and wrote a few  down, one task per card. Such as bake a carrot cake, and organize my photos.

After, I mixed it up a bit, and used the card strips as fun-cards too. I wrote fun-to-me ideas, such as a visit to the museum, a dinner party with friends, movie night, and so on.

Now, this pretty glass bowl for the task-cards and fun-cards, is my new go-to place for when I have extra time and want to choose either a work task or fun activity.

Hope my latest little project gets your ideas percolating on what to do with your old cards.