2015 – My Resolution to Organize for Results

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2015 – My Resolution to Organize for Results


I look forward to each New Year as much as I do my birthday. In 2015 – My Resolution to Organize for Results included buying my Quo Vadis agenda in December 2014, getting a new wall calendar before it went on sale, and planning the steps to achieve results.

We can all agree that there are only 24 hours in a day, a fixed number of weeks per season, and a fixed amount in a paycheque.

Basic math shows that a balanced budget is one that has an equal amount of money coming in and going out, and every budget should include savings. The show Til Debt Do Us Part, with Gail Vaz-Oxlade leads viewers through a number of reality checks done with televised couples. Gail helps folks get their spending and debt under control by using cash, debt elimination, and working with a balanced budget.

Learning from Gail’s TV show, I sifted through my balance sheet with a fine tooth comb and organized some key decisions to create a balanced budget to gain more savings at the end of each month. I already have no debt!

Here is how I’m organizing for results:

1) To better control my spending, other than specific direct debit withdrawls and writing specific monthly cheques, My Resolution to Organize for Results is to pay in cash – note to you and myself, “no debit card and no credit cards!”

2) To organize my new cash-only policy, My Resolution to Organize for Results I’ll use money jars set up per category ex: Entertainment, groceries. Great, it’ll be like playing store. Truly, it’ll be fun!

3) To gain more hours in a day to paint, do my creative writing, and get into books, My Resolution to Organize for Results is to cancel my TV cable service. Now Downton Abbey will be watched at the family home, more of a group event than a solitary couch fest.

4) To ensure I exercise daily and “bonus” cut out the time spent on return-travel to the gym, My Resolution to Organize for Results is to cancel my YMCA membership. As a replacement, I’ll continue to follow the Classical Stretch DVD Programs hosted by Miranda Esmonde-White. The flagship studio is in Montreal and they train NHL players, Cirque de Soleil performers, and Olympic athletes…so clearly it is good enough for me. The studio is local, easy if I want to book a private session.

I’m sharing my resolutions with you in the hopes that it’ll be an encouragement. So go ahead, think of the results you desire, and make some changes to get you there. Baby steps or big leaps…whatever you want, just start!