Vintage Art – Organizing Intentions for 2015

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Vintage Art – Organizing Intentions for 2015


Well Christmas 2014 is still in the air, as are good organizing intentions for 2015.

Too early to make the resolutions, but good timing to start thinking about them? Last year I had two main project-goals.

My short term goal was to work with old photos to create vintage art in a digital photo album. I’m half way to my goal as I’ve pulled out slides, and photos to have digitalized. I will also have a video digitalized of an audition tape for Saturday Night Live.

The second project-goal was to create a painting on a theme with digital image transfer. Last winter I took the Acrylic Painting Technique course at Dawson College taught by Melanie Matthews. Even with this preparation, inspiration can’t be rushed. So today, when I found the thank you card for my Christmas gift from my nursery school teacher, and matched it with the Christmas photo from that school year, I had my inspiration!

Being a full-picture kind of person, I will strive and hopefully succeed in acquiring a copy of the list of the registered nursery school students, me and my fellow five-year old classmates. Maybe a few of them would appreciate a picture-walk down memory lane.

Whatever your project-goals, just remember that although your timing may not be “as fast” as you intended, the real value is in having a vision.

Happy New Year 2015 – and best of inspiration as you create.