Shelf Life of a Purse?

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Shelf Life of a Purse?


Some people are passionate about purses and shoes. They can be pricey which explains why we often keep them past their expiry date.

Engaging the services of a professional for myself, we sorted through my shoes, purses, and clothes. We divided them between keepers and donations. As a Montreal Professional Organizer I do this with clients, so I understand the need for a non-judgemental perspective to help make decisions.

Given away were leather purses, skirts, and boots all still having a value — but not for me. Their shelf life expired because they no longer served me in terms of being current, youthful-enough, and flattering.

Just as much as eye glass frames are key to our appearance, so are our purses. Seeing a person with an overstuffed purse or one dated, worn and tired reflects on a person’s appearance.

We all have inside clothes that we wouldn’t dare to wear outside the house. Consider taking a hard look at your purses to see if they serve you well. There are tons of sales, and purses just asking to be bought…take your time and just keep and/or buy what looks good on you, and let go of the rest. And consider the services of Organizing Options to help you through your strategic process.