What’s for Lunch?

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What’s for Lunch?


What’s for lunch?…good question…

When I cook in advance, I’ll always have an answer, could be a chicken salad or egg salad sandwich…or something to heat up in the microwave….like chili, or chicken cacciatore.

Now that it’s getting a bit cold..I’ll be tempted to stay inside more often using cooking as an excuse..No more! My little ‘ol crock pot is my rediscovered appliance, and “it” can do my cooking so I don’t have to..I’ll steam my vegetables, peel carrots and take from the bounty of the crock pot for my main meal.

And Rubbermaid is my all time favourite brand for food storage, always improving..and their lunchBlox™ is a real keeper…with an ice pack and a container where salad dressing won’t spill! No need to go to a restaurant last minute, or need to pass off an apple and a glass of water as “lunch”.

As for liquids, their BPA free RefillReuse™ bottle will be where I reach to for water when at the gym or at work…

Hmmm…what are you having for lunch this week?