Creating a Memory Wall

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Creating a Memory Wall


Do you have a stack photos, or a collection of children’s drawings, and/or assorted framed pieces you’ve been meaning to organize?

Sometimes framed photos, prints or paintings don’t quite fit into the decor of a room or in that special location…but with a collection of them, you can create a unique-to-you statement. For example, travel photos, or a mix of paintings can be used to create a memory wall.

I’ve worked with clients to design a “hallscape” with their children’s drawings. The whole stretch of hallway wall was where the children and parent would place their works of art…and the children got involved in making updates, in fact being “curators” of their own collections.

Of course half the work is in the sorting, and deciding on the placement before a nail hits the wall. And you can be as precise or as go-by-eye as you like. In the case of this photo, we measured the space above the living room chesterfield, and placed the pieces on the carpet as a mirror copy to the wall. We used a combo of measuring and visual placement, leaving more room for creativity and last minute changes.

Hope this encourages you to dust off some of your treasures and display them for you and others to enjoy!