May Showers, Spring Flowers

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May Showers, Spring Flowers


Spring is my favorite season…it is full of promise of things to come.

This Spring was the first time that I planned a flower garden. Surprisingly, I found the work process similar to decluttering and organizing.

On my first day out I was so excited! I grabbed my tools with a shovel placed near the back porch, and the hoe and plants on the other side of the garden, and the soil under the steps. Ready, get set, go….NOT..

It ended up that I walked from place to place in zig zag formation… first for the tools, then for the soil, then for the plants. Honestly, my first day out was a bit frustrating…but in thinking it through… I discovered why.

So here goes…the next day out, I operated differently. I started by taking the time needed to create a plan of what would be planted where. Then I kept my garden tools together and was sure to put them back in place after use. I created a go-to station by grouping the soil, fertilizer and plants together.  The result of this new process was that I gardened in an organized and logical manner, and it was fun. Any frustration was close to zero…

To recap. Similar to any successful decluttering session, we need to start with a plan, have the right tools grouped together, and deal with one section or category at a time…

To me a well organized kitchen cupboard or clothes closet is a sight to behold…just like flowers are…on the top of the list!