Getting Organized for Spring

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Getting Organized for Spring

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Getting organized for Spring…yahoo…Spring is here! Let’s move from drab grey to color!

And we can press the refresh button towards better finances, a cleaner home, and flowers….with Spring comes hope…and getting organized for Spring

Finances: How is your wallet? Falling apart, too full? A good plan to help be better organized with our finances can start with our wallets…

  • At the end of each week (if not before) go through your wallet and remove the debit card bank transaction slips…compare it to your online bank statement or to your “transaction register” bank book (great idea to have one – given away by banks). Once you’ve updated your balances, you can shred your debit card bank transaction slips. Then go through your purchase receipts…compare them to your banking history and keep the receipts you need related to purchases with a guarantee or for items that may need to be returned if damaged or otherwise
  • Does your wallet hold so many cards that it is bursting? Sort and take out what you don’t need, add what you do and then shop for a wallet the size that meets your needs. Maybe with a coin section or not…whatever works best for you

Home: Cluttered much? A few too many dust bunnies? Tidying up and decluttering is the first best-step before a major cleaning…

  • Start in one room, and stay there until you’ve gathered all items that do not belong there into one or more boxes/laundry baskets; put all laundry into a basket or set those clothes aside in a pile for laundering
  • Then you can take the boxes/laundry baskets of items belonging to other areas of the home and drop them in the appropriate rooms, ideally onto the shelves or areas where they belong
  • Bring your clothes to the laundry area or in a set-aside place for when you next do your laundry
  • Repeat room-by-room, either all at once in bit by bit, and then ready, set, go for your housework

Decor: Indoors and outside. Is your decor making you bored? And how about outside, do you want flowers in containers or in the garden?

  • Start in one room and decide what you like and don’t like in terms of decor, for example: knick knacks, lamps, curtains, pillows..then make a wish list of what you want to replace. Take out what you can live without, and put it aside for donation and/or a possible sale. Then schedule when you can go shopping to replace these items, and schedulke when you’ll bring them for donation and/or resale
  • For the outside, schedule when you’ll clean your balconies and/or rake your lawn and clean up around the outside of your home or apartment. A potted plant, or cut flowers can help bring Spring straight to you…and help you get motivated to get all things “refreshed”. Happy Spring….