Customize Your Montreal Storage Unit

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Customize Your Montreal Storage Unit

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At Organizing Options with Kathleen Murphy…we are continuing work on the final stages of a project with a person-who-hoards….and we are developing an “effective storage system” for easy retrieval….of the items are stored off site in a storage unit.

While storage units can often be forgotten and unused, …hey, that’s how the Storage Wars franchise began, people forgetting about their stuff in storage, not paying…and then the stuff is auctioned off…

We are modifying the existing not-functional system of everything on top of everything in no particular order…to  a new “storage locker system” AKA “a palace” with easy retrieval to the over 70 boxes of crafts, family history photographs, oversized appliances, and seasonal items.

The photo on the left is how the current storage unit looks like, 5 feet x 15 feet. Very narrow and impossible to move in…no wonder things stay in storage unused for so long….

And the photo on the right is of the warehouse where we ordered industrial shelving to have delivered and assembled inside the client’s storage unit.

Effective? Yes. Now instead of dreading going into a storage unit and almost getting a hernia lifting boxes, the client will a written and a photo inventory, and all the boxes and items will be labelled and placed by categories on the shelves…all easy to retrieve.

Wait for it…the final photo will be posted down the road after we work with the client at consolidating the belongings from the 2 smaller storage units, to the one larger one (10 feet x 15 feet). The 2 smaller units will then be cancelled.