Avoiding Eviction from Hoarding

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Avoiding Eviction from Hoarding


Ask anyone who has boxes in their basement or rents a storage unit about their “stuff” and chances are…you’ll get lots of stories. And a few use them as part of a strategy in avoiding eviction from a house full, a hoarding household.

It could be from a student who rented a storage unit for all their belongings before traveling or relocating for a short period. Or the family preparing for a home renovation who loaded up a couple of lockers to give needed space for the work to be done in their home. But chances are it will remain a secret..untold by the person avoiding eviction from hoarding.

Ask me, a Professional Organizer with over 10 years experience leading clients through the downsizing and decluttering process, ….and I have stories…stories of how using a storage unit can be used as a solution to avoid eviction, and double as a bit of a life saver.

For example, now as I’m working with a person-who-hoards living with the threat of an eviction….and just 60 days to “get the house in order”, the storage unit is acting as an extension of the home.

Let’s face it, closets can only hold so many clothes, shoes, and boxes. Tables aren’t intended to serve as counter surface for piles of recycling and “stuff”, and of course …beds are intended for sleeping and not for stacking boxes and boxes of “stuff”….

The storage unit in this current work situation is acting as a holding place for items too big or numerous to “fit” into the client’s home. In having the storage unit for seasonal items and change-of-season clothing, crafts, and awkward sized items…it frees up the interior of a home and allows me to work with the client to downsize or “let go” of items that aren’t of value to the client. In other words…the client can better see what is there and decide on what to keep and what not to keep.

At the end of this current 60 day eviction deadline (we are half way through)…the home will be restored to a proper order with the participation of the client…

There has been great progress and given the price tag to having too much stuff…there is an excellent chance that this client will reduce the volume of “stuff” that is brought into the home. .