My Parent’s Basement

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My Parent’s Basement


Many adults still have their stuff stored in their parent’s basement for convenience…ours. Typically, this will only get sorted once the parent decides to move, or renovate…as was the case for me.

Yes this crap, I mean… old treasured items from long ago….once belonged to me and I had to empty my stuff out of the basement.

For me, I took some time to look at each item to revisit old times, and then let the stuff go. I stared at the posters of David Bowie (my favorite) and Miss. Piggy and reminisced about the seventies…  And along with these posters threw out the others.

The old doll and the rest were given away for donation. But the sewing table….it wasn’t immediate….and it was tough to give away. Why? Because it was made especially for me and it was a reminder of my schooling and career in the fashion industry. But within 24 hours and taking the time to reflect on those key memories, I had it taken apart and out the door.

I learnt from my own experience that sometimes we need to factor in a bit of extra time in the decluttering process to review our “stuff” and take the time to “ remember” what connected us to it….and then we’re ready to let it go out the door. We can always keep the memories!