Cooking for Today and the Freezer

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Cooking for Today and the Freezer


“What’s for dinner? “

Not a fun question when there is no fast answer and it is about 5:30 PM-ish or later. While a grilled cheese sandwich and bowl of soup can work in a pinch, it isn’t the most satisfying option on a dinner menu.

Having some homemade items in the freezer can be a bit of a life saver at dinner time. I enjoy setting time aside to prepare a lasagna or casserole for two meals. One I will cook within a couple of days, and the other is kept in the freezer. I started to use disposable aluminum pans for my freezer meals. They are great for freezing, have lids for notes, and make clean up fast and easy. I discovered them at a local collective kitchen, which was set up to promote the independence for seniors and to prevent social isolation. Also, it’s fun to cook with others!

On any given morning that I answer the “what’s for dinner?” question, I choose my freezer item, and put it in the fridge to defrost. Then close to dinner, I preheat the oven and in it goes. All that is left to prepare is a side salad and vegetables. For lettuce, I either buy it pre-washed, or will wash the salad on the day of purchase and spin dry it to store in the fridge ready for use. For the vegetables, I usually lightly steam them in my double boiler….