First Apartment, Decorating on a Dime

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First Apartment, Decorating on a Dime


Small Budget Decorating

If you want to decorate on a tight budget or just want to be super frugal….then I have some suggestions for you.

Focus on a uniform color theme, second hand furniture, and keeping your place neat & clean & tidy.

If you have bits and pieces of furniture of various wood types, consider painting your furniture white. And use one or two accent colors to introduce “play” or richness to the overall look. The accent color you choose is your fun, a reflection of your personality and creativity.

Second hand furniture can be found everywhere. You don’t need to spend big money…personally my preference is for new chairs and a sofa…but when I had my first apartment I had 2 chairs from an estate sale in my neighborhood, and my grandfather’s old couch…it worked for me. I was lucky enough to have the use of an extra bed from my mom’s house…so my focus was on decorating and kitchenware.

I fondly remember my burgundy polka dot dishes. A set of 8-place settings with serving dishes that followed me for years. I now use only clear glass dishes and crystal so that the colors and patterns of my tablecloths are not hidden from view, and play an important part of my table display.

In terms of neat & clean & tidy, to me this rules over brand name furniture and such. A home can be a real sense of pride and having an inviting environment, uncluttered and clean, to come home to at the end of the day is truly a “Home Sweet Home”.