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Hoarding Issue – Resolved for Client


A gentleman, we’ll call him Frank (not his real name), generously allowed me to share this before and after photo of his living room on my blog. His desire was that others who hoard, as he did, and professionals working in the field, would see that there can be success and organization in the home after our hoarding resolution team steps in.

It is estimated that between 2% to 4% of the adult population suffers from hoarding. Hoarding includes such behaviors such as excessive saving, excessive acquisition, compulsive shopping, and inability to discard. The failure to discard can begin early, although the average age when people seek assistance or when it is reported at crisis levels is from middle age well into the advanced years. If you are a chronically disorganized person with hoarding tendencies, a family member or a member of the medical or legal professional seeking assistance for a hoarder, we welcome your call or email.

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