Christmas in July or Summer Sorting

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Christmas in July or Summer Sorting

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Hope you’re enjoying these summer days, when life moves along at a slower pace around offices, neighborhoods and households. Folks and children are taking vacations, out of school, and the nose-to-the-grindstone expectations are lifted.

I like this quote, “You can never appreciate the shade of a tree unless you sweat in the sun”, author unknown. So true! Like a farmer, unless you plant you cannot harvest. So how does that relate to organizing? Well, you can only reap the benefits of an organized home if you put in the effort to regularly declutter it.

Here’s an idea. I know the Christmas and winter holiday season seems far away…but why not start getting ready for it. Not baking and decorating, but more clearing out some of your unwanted treasures-for-someone-else. Many organizations and churches start accepting donated items for their fall and Christmas bazaars as early as September.

Get out those extra boxes of “stuff” that you’ve intended to look at for so long …and make some final decisions. Call your preferred organization or local church, and get those boxes out of your home. Then you can go outside, contented – proud of yourself, and continue to enjoy these glorious days of summer.