Winter-Wear: Inventory Before Storing

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Winter-Wear: Inventory Before Storing


Winter is almost over! The end of winter coats, scarves & gloves, and boots is around the corner. While you may be ready to banish your winter-wear to the basement ASAP…wait a minute and take stock.

The end of this season is a good time to take a good look at your stuff and decide if they are keepers, or needing repair before they are stored.

Here are some questions to answer and act on before storing away your winter-wear:

Winter Boots:

  • Need cleaning?
  • Need new heels?
  • Need a polish?
  • Zipper needs repair?
  • Still fit?

Winter Coats and Heavy Sweaters:

  • Need cleaning?
  • Hems need to be secured?
  • Any rips, pilling, or discoloration?
  • Lining needs repair/replacement?
  • Still fit?

Gloves/Mitts and Scarves & Hats:

  • Need cleaning?
  • Rips/holes to repair?
  • Still fit?

Once determined, just take care of what needs to be done, put away, then spring can start!

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M.A. Bell

April 8, 2016at 3:56 pm

Good article – I love the change of seasons and actually enjoy sorting through my winter stuff to see what i wil keep and what I will give away, either to friends or to charity.

I especially like heavy sweaters, and will often pick up one or two new ones in the fall – which creates a real need for purging a few when putting them into storage. As my daughter says” NOBODY needs 21 heavy sweaters, Mom!”

I always clean my stuff before storage or giving them away – they last much longer that way and it’s nice to be able to avoid doing it when taking them back out again.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts – I’ve bookmarked your site!