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Residential Organizing

Kathleen helps you maximize space and organize your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closets, and garage.

Home Staging

Typically buyers will decide about a purchase within 15 seconds of entering a home. Make a great first impression!

Training & Workshops

Organizing Options Seminars® help you increase your productivity, and can be customized just for you


Hoarding is the excessive collection and retention of things or animals to the point that they interfere with family life, health, property, neighbours, and work.

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Kathleen's Blog

Spring Colors – What Suits You Now?

While tulip colors always look good and never go out of style, clothes can. But there is a solution for us, and in the spirit of new beginnings, I challenge you to rethink your wardrobe and make-up colors.

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Winter-Wear: Inventory Before Storing

Winter is almost over! The end of winter coats, scarves & gloves, and boots is around the corner. While you may be ready to banish your winter-wear to the basement ASAP…wait a minute and take stock.

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How Being Organized Maximizes My Writing Efficiency

As a visual and deadline-driven person, I typically start projects once I have the delivery date and the image of the finished project.

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