Home Staging

Typically buyers will decide about a purchase within 15 seconds of entering a home. The combination of Kathleen’s home staging service, the right agent, and a properly priced home will bring you guaranteed results!

Kathleen will develop an action plan with you, and with her seasoned resource people, abilities, and dedication will work to present your home in the most favourable light. Historically Kathleen’s staged homes resulted in a shorter than average listing period on the market, reaping either the asking or above asking listed price.

Home stage with Kathleen

“I was able to focus on what was important to me. I engaged the services of Kathleen of Organizing Options to deal with the contents of my home, and to carry out the closure my apartment. I had no need to worry as the job was entrusted into the hands of a professional, and was carried through to perfection.”

~ A. Smith, Montreal, Quebec