Hoarding is the excessive collection and retention of things or animals to the point that they interfere with family life, health, property, neighbours, and work.

Severe hoarding causes safety and health hazards, and when it is discovered to health and city officials is typically when Kathleen receives a call for her services.

On hoarding cases, Kathleen regularly collaborates with such team members as family, social workers, medical professionals, cleaners, organizing crews, and/or city representatives to reverse hoarding situations for real and perceived threats of eviction.

People who hoard often do so for such reasons as:

  • Their accumulation provides a source of comfort and security
  • Most things are kept because they have fear of forgetting or losing items
  • They experience a constant need to collect and keep things
  • Fear that others will obtain their personal information
  • Individuals have health limitations affecting the ability to organize
  • Resulting from a series of stressful life events

“I have observed the before and after results of Kathleen Murphy’s ability to work in complex and difficult situations. Her work with clients who hoard has been exemplary. When Kathleen completed the specific tasks referred to her by this department, the end results were truly amazing.”

~ Sylvia Adams, R.N. Community Support Service, Town of Mount Royal, QC