Imagine being able to immediately put your hand on anything you need in your linen closet; to pull out an unwrinkled shirt from your wardrobe; to set the table and cook dinner without shuffling dishes; no more wars with pots and pans or family!



At your home, in the common areas or with your teens – with them, we do a quick assessment of the physical space and organizing challenges. With an action plan in hand, we work with you to sort, de-clutter and organize what you’ll use, toss, sell and/or donate. You can regain your sense of control and reclaim your living space.

Yes, in a short amount of time you can learn how to maximize your existing space to organize your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closets, garage and other areas in your home for better organization – resulting in stress reduction.


“Since working with Kathleen I’ve gotten rid of so much of my stuff, and my depression has lifted and my family and I are so much happier. I thank Kathleen for everything she’s done for me.”

~ J.F., Montreal, Québec